Overview of Nursing Experiment Training Center

The Nursing Experiment Training Center is located in the 2nd and 3rd floors of the School of Nursing, with a total area of 2,878 square meters, a total of 34 training rooms, more than 1,200 sets of experimental training models and equipment, with a total value of 10 million yuan. The center has 4 full-time experimental technicians. The experimental training center aims at cultivating students' comprehensive quality, improving clinical thinking ability and operational skills. It is divided into basic nursing skill training area, specialist nursing skill training area and simulation simulation training area according to functions. To highlight the characteristics of environmental simulation, equipment modernization, teaching multimedia, management network, and resource sharing.

The center has 2 nursing experiment preparation rooms, 4 basic nursing skills training rooms, 2 maternal and child care skills training rooms, 2 adult nursing skills training rooms, 2 emergency critical care skills training rooms, and 2 health centers. There are 2 training rooms and 9 simulation and training rooms, 2 multimedia teaching rooms and 2 PBL classrooms. The center implements an open system after school hours. It provides superior conditions for students to practice skills training and innovative entrepreneurial activities.

The center has complete teaching facilities, can realize various training functions, and simulates the actual scene of the ward: set up 75 training beds, equipped with advanced nursing teaching models and instruments at home and abroad. The basic nursing training equipment includes monitor, defibrillator, electrocardiograph, automatic gastric lavage machine, micro infusion pump, syringe pump, oxygen supply and vacuum suction device; special nursing training equipment including high simulation new multifunctional simulation Human and child full-function nursing models, neonatal tracheal intubation models, intelligent infants (male and female), neonatal organ incision care models, and production technology training step-by-step guidance systems.

The center mainly undertakes experimental training for undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students, including "Introduction to Nursing", "Basic Nursing", "Mother and Child Nursing", "Child Nursing", "Adult Nursing", "Geriatric Nursing", "Emergency Nursing" "Rehabilitation Nursing", "Health Assessment", "Community Nursing", "Nursing Humanity Training" and other courses, as well as the experimental training of the "Basic Nursing Operation" course for rural order students and elective students in clinical medicine. The center is open to nursing and clinical students, and has more than 20 open experimental projects. The annual experimental training reaches 27,882 person-times.