””””The School of Nursing of Lanzhou University was established in May 2015, which was formed by the department of Nursing of Lanzhou University basic medical college and the School of Nursing of Lanzhou University. It is a secondary school affiliated to Lanzhou University and currently enrolls undergraduate and graduate students in nursing. The predecessor of the Department of Nursing of Lanzhou University was the Department of Nursing of the former Lanzhou Medical College, established in 1998. The predecessor of the School of Nursing of Lanzhou University was the former Nurse School of Lanzhou Medical College founded in 1986. In the years of running school, School of Nursing of Lanzhou University has accumulated rich teaching experience and outstanding teaching achievements. A large number of skilled nursing professionals who can adapt to the needs of modern services and have new service concepts have been trained. After graduation, students are engaged in clinical nursing, community nursing, nursing management, nursing teaching and nursing research. Most of the graduates have grown into managers and professional backbones of hospitals inside and outside the province, enjoying a high social reputation. Professor Han Lin, Dean of the School of Nursing£¬ is doctor of nursing, postdoctor of hospital management, master's tutor, winner of the Gansu Provincial Outstanding Youth Fund, and leader in the Gansu Provincial Health and Family Planning System.
””””The college is located at No. 28 Yanxi Road, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City. It is a relatively independent campus, covering an area of 20 acres and a building area of 21,720 square meters. It has built a first-class ”°Nursing Practice Center”± in China, with simulated ward, simulated operating room, simulated intensive care unit, high-simulation training room, the layout and furnishings refer to the design of the clinical hospital. It also has modern facilities such as teaching and anti-teaching multimedia classrooms for automatic video recording and data storage, computer simulation operating system, cardiopulmonary auscultation and abdominal palpation simulation electronic standardized patient teaching system, advanced adult nursing teaching system, experimental monitoring systems, advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma training simulators, general practitioner training center servers and etc. It has third-class hospitals such as the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University, the Gansu Provincial Hospital, and the Lanzhou Military Region General Hospital as the clinical practice teaching base, which provides superior conditions for cultivating students' practical skills and clinical experience, and also creates a good clinical practice environment for the college teachers.
””””The college has optimized the nursing education resources of Lanzhou University, improved the teacher structure, and expanded the scale of running schools, making the professional advantages more prominent and the discipline characteristics more distinct.
””””The Faculty of Nursing School is composed of excellent nurses from the hospital and teachers from the Nursing School. It is a double-teacher team with rich teaching experience and exquisite clinical skills.
””””School adheres to the concept of 'based on western Gansu, service western of China, think globally'. With the goal of building' Lanzhou University Features, west leading, the national first-class nursing college', the school takes the quality of teaching as the lifeline, builds the undergraduate nursing education as the main body, develops and strengthens the master student education, and gradually realizes the doctoral student education and foreign-related nursing training as the two wings of the ”°one body and two wings”± development pattern. The college implements the 'six combination' concept of talent development, including knowledge, skill, practice, research, management, characteristics, to train professionals with basic theoretical knowledge and skills in humanities and social sciences, medicine, preventive health care, and nursing, and to be able to engage in clinical nursing, preventive health care, nursing management, nursing teaching, and nursing research in the field of nursing.
””””All the teachers of the School of Nursing will adhere to the school motto of ”°Constantly Improving£¬Blazing Our Own Path”±, inherit and carry forward the college spirit of ”°diligence, truth-seeking and enterprising”±, follow the school spirit of ”°clearing the truth, establish oneself and establish others”±. Taking the quality of teaching as the lifeline , With the goal of building ' Lanzhou University Features, west leading, the national first-class nursing college ', we will continue to work hard to cultivate high-quality nursing talents who can meet the needs of social and economic development!