School of Nursing has Made Great Achievements in the 10th China University Students Medical Skills Competition

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From May 15th to 16th, the 'Tenth China University Students Medical Skills Competition', co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Tianjin Municipal People's Government was successfully held at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After two days of fierce competition, the nursing team of Lanzhou University won the bronze award!
The 'China University Students Medical Skills Competition' is known as the Olympic competition for medical students. It is the largest, highest-level, and most influential medical education event in China. Since its inception in 2010, it has been held once a year and has become the important activity for promotion of the development of medical education. It is an important platform for displaying the results of clinical practice teaching. In this year, the competition increased the nursing professional track for the first time, attracting a total of 208 medical colleges and universities across the country to actively participate in the nursing professional competition, covering Nearly 91% of medical schools in our country.
In the preliminary regional competitions in the northwest and southwestern regions, the Lanzhou University representative team, composed of the 2017 nursing undergraduate students Wang Wenxia, ??Guo Jiali, Duan Xin and Zhang Zijun, stood out among the 41 participating teams, won the group special prize in the Southwest and Northwest regional competitions, and entered the final conpetition. Besides, Guo Jiali won the Best Individual Award of 'Health Education' Operation Project.

The national finals officially held in May brought together 46 teams selected from the four regional competitions of Northeast China, Northwest China, East China, and South China to compete on the same stage. After fierce competition, our team won the bronze medal of nursing professional track in the finals.
After receiving the notice of the competition, School of Nursing Lan Zhou University quickly formed a training team, and selected the outstanding students of 2017 undergraduates, to form the participating team. In more than 4 months of intense preparations and training, the instructor team has formulated a detailed multi-stage training plan, and guided students to carry out various training programs in strict accordance with the plan. The excellent results achieved by our school are inspiring.

The preparation process for this competition fully embodies the spirit of ' Constantly Strive for Self-improvement and be Unique ' of Lanzhou University. School of Nursing Lan will use this as an opportunity to further summarize experience, promote education with competition, promote reform with competition, and promote learning with competition, comprehensively deepen the reform of medical education and teaching, comprehensively improve the quality of high-quality medical personnel training, and cultivate excellent nursing talents for the west.