Congratulations of School of Nursing for a successful approval of
the National Social Science Fund of China in 2020

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Recently, the evaluation results of the National Social Science Fund of China in 2020 were announced. The ' Study on the Management Model of Medical Consortium for Elderly with Chronic Diseases based on Evidence-based Practice' submitted by Fanghong Yan, a young teacher in School of Nursing, was successfully approved, which achieved a major historic breakthrough(zero) of the National Social Science Fund in nursing field in Gansu province .

Under the background of “Health China” strategy and development of medical consortium , this research project plan to combine evidence-based practice with management of chronic diseases, explore appropriate, diverse and flexible management content and strategy of medical consortium for elderly with chronic diseases based on evidence-based practice, and propose a structured model finally, in order to provide the basis for improving chronic disease management , enhancing health and quality of life of the elderly, promoting rational utilization of medical resources, and furthermore, to provide new ideas for the achievement of healthy aging.

In recent years, School of Nursing Lanzhou University has attached great importance to the application of the National Social Science Fund. Experienced experts and professors were invited giving lectures to help with the application for the fund among teachers and the latest policies were followed up in time. In addition, various measures were carried out to encourage teachers to apply. The successful approval of the National Social Science Fund this time will further encourage our staff to conduct high-level scientific researches and promote the development of nursing disciplines.