Leaders of Lanzhou University come to Nursing School to carry out investigation and discussion

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On May 24, Vice President Xu Shengcheng led the responsible persons of relevant functional departments to the nursing school for investigation and discussion with the leaders of the school.
Han Lin, Dean of nursing school, made a detailed report on the basic situation, development ideas, key work and difficult work of the college.
After listening to the report, Xu Shengcheng said that although the nursing school was established for a short time, it has made remarkable progress in the past two years. The members of the team are energetic, thoughtful and resourceful. He emphasized that nursing school should pay more attention to the construction of teaching staff, adopt various forms to attract talents to work in the college, expand the teaching staff, continue to strengthen the information construction of training centers, actively carry out training and cooperation, and serve the society. At present, there are some difficulties in running the college. The relevant functional departments of the college should actively coordinate and solve them to promote the development of nursing discipline.
After the symposium, Xu Shengcheng and others visited the students'apartment and inspected the campus environment on the spot.