Delegation from Nursing School of Lanzhou University

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In order to further strengthen the discipline construction of nursing specialty in Lanzhou University and enhance teachers' teaching and scientific research ability, from January 22 to February 2, 11 staff from nursing college, First and Second Affiliated Hospital of Lanzhou University went to Tokyo and Akita of Japan to visit Japanese universities, hospitals and pension institutions for communication and learning.
During this period, we visited 8 universities, including St. Luca International University, Tokyo Women's Medical University, Akita University, General Hospital and Nursing Home, and listened to 16 reports. Through various forms of communication, we had a perceptual understanding of the characteristics of nursing education in Japan, such as simulation teaching, old-age service model such as local old-age care and nursing insurance.
In the fifth classroom of the comprehensive research building of Akita University, Dr. Wang Yanhong, assistant dean of nursing college, introduced the current situation of China's old-age service model and the general situation of the development of nursing discipline of Lanzhou University to the faculty and students of Medical Department of Akita University. The two sides have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the pension model, teachers' ability training and students' training quality, and hope to cooperate in student exchanges and scientific research.
The delegates indicated that we should consider the national conditions of our country and fully draw lessons from the experience of Japan to promote the steady development of nursing discipline. This visit has achieved good results, strengthened in-depth exchanges with foreign nursing disciplines, and laid a solid foundation for further international exchanges and cooperation.