Students from the School of Nursing attended the Lanzhou University 2018 Nursing Skills Competition

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On the occasion of the 107th “5·12” International Nurses Day, in order to cultivate the spirit of nursing staff to study and improve, and to improve the nursing operation level and professional identity of nursing students, sponsored by Lanzhou University Medical College, The Lanzhou University 2018 Nursing Skills Competition hosted by the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University was grandly opened on April 20, 2018 in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University . Li Yumin, Vice President of Lanzhou University, and Wang Chen, dean of the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University give the opening speech of the contest. Dou Xinman, who is the vice president of the School of Nursing of Lanzhou University, and the director of the Nursing Department of the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University, reported the preparations for the contest.


In this competition, there were 110 contestants from the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, the SecondHospital of Lanzhou University, the Provincial Oral cavity Hospital and our Lanzhou University School of Nursing. Among them, our college sent ten students including graduate students and undergraduates who stood out in the “First Nursing Skills Competition of Nursing School”.  After the end of the 'Nursing School's First Nursing Skills Competition' on March 23, the ten student representatives invested in a tight and pre-match preparation. Under the careful guidance of the college instructors, the nearly one-month 'Peace Wears the Moon', that from the process to the hard training of the details, makes each player's operational skills more skilled. At the same time, the college specially invited Carnegie's professional teachers to train contestants for the players. On April 19th, the contestants selected the serial number according to the requirements of the competition. On the morning of the 20th, the players carefully prepared to wait for the start of the Competition with full spirit and high morale. Xu Jie, deputy secretary of the Party branch of the college, and Li Xingbo, deputy dean of the party, also went to the scene to express their condolences to the players and resolve their inner nervousness.


This is the first time that the student representatives have participated in the skill competition since the establishment of our institute, which has been highly valued by the leaders and teachers of the college. For this competition, the college leaders, teachers and classmates have made great efforts. I hope that through this competition, students can pay more attention to the basic nursing operation skills, lay a good foundation for future clinical work, and also wish all players to compete in style and level of competition, and finally they will be able to achieve their own satisfactory results!