Teachers of the School of Nursing of Lanzhou University participated in the National Standards for Interpretation of Nursing Teaching Quality and Practice Teaching Standards Seminar and gave a keynote report

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From August 12th to 13th, 2018, in the revolutionary historical and cultural city of Zunyi, the National Standards for Interpretation of Nursing Teaching Quality and Practice Teaching Standards Seminar was held by the Teaching Steering Committee of the College of Education of the Ministry of Education and sponsored by Zunyi Medical College.Wu Xinjuan, chairman of the Chinese Nursing Association, the 10th national inspector of the State Council Education Steering Committeethe vice president of the China Education Development Strategy Society, the former director of the Ministry of Education Degree and Graduate Education Development Center, Professor Wang Lisheng, executive deputy director of the National Medical Education Development Center, deputy secretary general of the Clinical Medicine Professional Certification Working Committee of the Ministry of Education,Professor Wang Weimin, deputy director of the Peking University Medical Department, Professor Zhou Guitong, secretary general of the Teaching Committee of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Education,chairman of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Nursing Specialty of the Ministry of Education, Professor Guo Guifang of Peking University, deputy director of Guizhou Provincial Department of Education,related officials of Zunyi Medical College and affiliated hospital, deputy director of Nursing Professional Teaching Committee, Specially Appointed Experts of Teaching Committee, etc. attended the opening ceremony. Representatives attending the conference also included members of the Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Education, school leaders of various nursing colleges, teaching management personnel, nursing school leaders, nursing full-time teachers, hospital leaders and clinical teacher representatives of affiliated teaching bases. A total of more than 540 people. Han Lin, Dean of School of Nursing at Lanzhou University, teachers Shi Sujie and Tang Nan participated in the seminar and had in-depth exchanges with the participants.


The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Sun Hongyu,secretary general of the Teaching Steering Committee of the College of Nursing in the Ministry of Education. The chairman, Professor Guo Guifang, gave a welcome speech.


The national standard of nursing professional quality is a programmatic document for the construction of nursing undergraduate majors, which is of great significance for improving the level of personnel training and quality assurance of nursing undergraduate. The core content of this conference is to interpret the national standards of nursing teaching quality, improve the quality of nursing professional training, accelerate the construction of high-level nursing undergraduate education, comprehensively improve the talent training ability of higher nursing colleges, and realize the historical mission of higher education support and leading the national strategic goal of healthy China in the new era proposed in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.The conference adopted a combination of special lectures and discussions and interactions, and launched two major themes on the interpretation of the national standards for the quality of nursing education and the implementation of the national standards for the quality of nursing education.


The 12 guests attending the opening ceremony made a keynote report on the practice standards of nursing profession. Seven colleges and universities including Lanzhou University, Tianjin Medical University and Dalian University successively delivered the theme exchange report. Han Lin, Dean of School of Nursing,Lanzhou University, gave a report on 'Cultivating Nursing Talents in the Western Regions in Accordance with National Standards.' The report is divided into three parts: reviewing the history of running a school, writing western articles, pragmatic actions to promote professional development; carrying forward the spirit of populus, facing the predicament of running a school, researching and learning to take the road of characteristics; taking root in the western land, and cultivating nursing talents according to national standards . School of Nursing,Lanzhou University would implement national standards and play an important role in the training of high-level talents and knowledge innovation in the western region.


    This conference brought together nursing colleagues from all over the country to build a platform for nursing educators, administrators and clinical practitioners to communicate, learn from each other and jointly discuss the development of nursing education and education, and jointly promoted the development of undergraduate nursing education in China.