The School of Nursing Successfully Completed the Orientation Work in 2018

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From September 3 to 4,2018,the two-day Lanzhou University 2018 undergraduate orientation work officially kicked off. Our student union members and volunteers formed the welcome team. They had a clear division of labor and were engaged in a tight and orderly orientation. Dean of the School of Nursing Han Lin, Secretary of the Party Branch Jing Jinsheng, Vice President Li Xingbo, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch Xu Jie, 2018 Counselor Tang Dacheng and 2018 class teachers gave on-the-spot guidance to ensure the smooth progress of the welcome work.


During the period, party secretary Yuan Zhanting, principal Yan Chunhua, party deputy secretary Wu Guosheng, party committee deputy secretary Li Zhengyuan, Cao Aihui, vice president Xu Shengcheng, Pan Baotian, Li Yumin, principal assistant Fan Baojun came to the college to learn about the progress of the new work, asked about the 2018 enrollment situation of our hospital and the changing characteristics of the enrollment, and cordial condolences to the welcome staff, the site staff were deeply touched.


During the orientation process, the students performed their duties and provided the most enthusiastic service and help to each new student and parents with a spirit of spirit. Some of the students in the escort group held the academic card in front of the car excitedly, for fear of missing every new student. Some enthusiastically led the new students to the welcome point to go through the relevant procedures, and some of them rushed to carry luggage and lead the new students to the dormitory. The students in the reception group smiled and went through the formalities for the schoolmates, patiently explained each precaution. The students of the data group carefully Organize the information of new students,sorted out these  materials and placed them on file.Every staff member is happy and well-organized to carry out the welcome work.


On the afternoon of September 4, 2018, the college 2018 welcome work was successfully completed. The arrival of new students had injected new vitality into the college. Subsequently, the college would continue to carry out new parents' classrooms, freshmen's entrance education, and opening ceremony to ensure that new students' enrollment work would be carried out in an orderly manner.