The School of Nursing Holds the Opening Ceremony of the 2018 Undergraduate Freshmen

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On the afternoon of September 4, 2018, the opening ceremony of the 2018 undergraduate freshmen of the School of Nursing was held in the B603 classroom of Tianshan Hall.Dean of the School of Nursing Han LinSecretary of Party General BranchJing Jinsheng, Vice President Li Xingbo, Vice President Dou Xinman, Assistant Dean Wang Yanhong and other college leaders, freshmen's class teachers and some teachers attended the opening ceremony. Deputy secretary of the general party branch of the college Xu Jie presided over the opening ceremony.


Dean Han Lin gave a speech to the freshman in the new semester. On behalf of all the teachers and students of the college, she welcomed the 2018 freshmen. Then, she introduced the basic situation of the college, the experimental training center, the faculty, the number of enrollment, the clinical teaching practice base, the development of modern nursing, the knowledge system of nursing, the scope of work of nursing profession. She focused on the nursing career development plan, so that students can understand the career development direction of nurses in clinical nursing, nursing management, nursing research, nursing education, etc., in order to clarify the future four-year struggle plan of the university. She said that every freshman must clear his future direction from the freshman year, set a goal, and work hard for it.


Jing Jinsheng, Secretary of Party General Branch, gave a speech to the new classmates with key words such as “Congratulations”, “Requests” and “Blessings”. He congratulated the new parents and teachers, congratulated them on cultivating outstanding children and students, congratulated the college on its new strength, and congratulated the freshmen on entering a new phase of their lives. In combination with some of the phenomena he has encountered since he was engaged in educational work, he put forward several requirements for all freshmen: to improve self-awareness, to learn self-management; to establish professionalism, to form professional thinking; to change understanding, to learn, to learn to behave,learn to think. Jing Jinsheng wished the students to practice the nursing training of the nursing college, inherit the spirit of Lanzhou University, and be a student with a lofty sentiment and an international vision.


Liang Ning, the second class of the 2017 nursing class, spoke on behalf of the senior students of the School of Nursing. She expressed her welcome to the schoolmates and congratulated the schoolmates on the opening of a university life full of opportunities and challenges. She hoped that every freshman was full of love for the nursing discipline and shared some of her own feelings and experiences in learning and life,and hoped that the younger school-brothers and school-sisters would have a good life in college.


Zhang Beiting, a 2018 freshman, spoke on behalf of all the freshmen. She expressed her joy in receiving the admission letter from Lanzhou University and made plans for opening a rich and fulfilling life in Lanzhou University, calling on all the freshmen to sway their youth, to spread hope, to fly their dreams, and to embark on a new journey,unremitting struggle for their future.