Nursing school holds ”micro party class” competition

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In order to thoroughly study and implement Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and promote the 'two studies and one work' learning and education normalization, according to the school's 'Notice on Holding the First Micro-Party Competition of Lanzhou University', On the 18th of July, School of Nursing held the branch secretary 'Micro Party Class' competition. The competition was hosted by Xu Jie, deputy secretary of the Party branch. Party branch secretary Jing Jinsheng, vice president Li Xingbo and party members of the branch watched the competition.


The micro-party competition was based on the theme of “patriotism and forge ahead”. The contestants closely followed the theme of the event and discussed the contents of the party history, the teacher's morality, and the young people's role in the new era. The judges scored the contestants in terms of content, language expression, and teaching skills.


At the end of the game, Jing Jinsheng commented on the comprehensive performance of the contestants. He said that in this micro-party competition, the branches are fully prepared, the stories are fresh, innovative and meaningful. At the same time, he made suggestions on the shortcomings of the contestants, hoping that everyone will continue to improve their political literacy and business level.


The holding of this micro-party class competition has played a positive role in guiding young students to be patriotic, vigorous and motivated, guiding teachers to be respectable, encouraging the teachers and students of the whole school to work hard to build a national first-class nursing college.