Tang Nan

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NameTang Nan

TitleAssistant teacher

DepartmentBasic Nursing Department

Research FieldsObstetrics and Gynecology Nursing

Office phone


Education experience

2014/09-2017/06  School of Nursing, Jinlin University,  Master’s degree.

2009/09-2014/06  School of Nursing, Jinlin University,  Bachelor degree.

Work experience

2017/07-present  School of Nursing, Lanzhou University,  Teaching assistant.


Basic nursing.

Published papers and monographs

1.Tang Nan,Wang Yanhong,Ma Yuxia,Zhao Yanhui,Han Lin. Study on the status quo and influencing factors of hidden absenteeism among grassroots medical staff[J]. Journal of Nursing Science,2018,33(05):52-55.

2. Tang Nan, Zhao Yanhui,Zhang Hongchen,Shi Sujie,Han Lin. Analysis of the status quo and influencing factors of 221 women with infertility during treatment[J]. Journal of Nursing,2018,25(06):28-32.

3. Tang Nan,Yang Rui. Study on the correlation between hope level and comprehension of social support in 137 infertility patients[J]. Maternal and Child Health Care of China, 2016,31(11):2359-2362.

4. Tang Nan,Du Jili,Lin Ping.Effect of family care on coping style of hemodialysis patients with senile diabetic nephropathy[J].Chinese Journal of Gerontology,2016,36(2):440-441.

Research program


1. Third Prize of the 3rd Teacher’s Lecture Competition of Lanzhou University School of Nursing.

2. The first “My Favorite Teacher” of School of Nursing of Lanzhou University.

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