Zhang Hongchen

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Name: Zhang Hongchen
Title: Lecturer
Department: Clinical Nursing Department
Research Fields: Nursing education and chronic disease health management
Office Phone:
Email: hczhang@lzu.edu.cn
Education experience:
2003.09-2008.07, Dalian Medical University, Nursing, Bachelor
2008.09-2011.07, College of Nursing, Henan University, Master
Work experience:
2008.03-2008.09, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Clinical Teaching, Henan Provincial People's Hospital.
2011.09-2017.06, Department of Clinical Nursing, School of Nursing, Fourth Military Medical University, Assistant Professor, Teaching Secretary; concurrently Secretary of the Graduate Supervisor Group.
2017.06-present, Department of Clinical Nursing, School of Nursing, Lanzhou University, Lecturer, Assistant to the Dean.
Undergraduate courses: "Health Assessment", "Emergency Critical Care", "Geriatric Nursing", "Nursing Ethics", "Nursing Psychology"
Postgraduate course: Advanced Health Assessment

Published papers and monographs:

1.Multiple Logistic Regression Analysis of Risk Factors Associated with Denture Plaque and Staining in Chinese Removable Denture Wearers over 40 Years Old in Xi’an–a Cross-Sectional Study. PLOS one, 9(2), e87749. (Common first)
2. Serum miRNA-21, miRNA-153 and miRNA-22 levels were identified as diagnostic biomarkers of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a Chinese population-based study, International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Pathology, 2017, 10(3): 3857-3864 (First author)
 3.Physicochemical properties and cytotoxicity of an experimental resin-based pulp capping material containing the quaternary ammonium salt and portland cement. International Endodontic Journal, 2018, 51(1): 26-40. IF=3.015 (common first)
4.Research on community-based psychological support model for HIV/AIDS patients[J].Chinese Journal of Nursing, 2010, 45(4): 293-295.First author
5.Influence of age on loss extent of heath function of hospitalized patients with coronary artery disease[J]. Chinese Nursing Research, 2011 (8): 2220-2221. First author
6.Psychological Analysis and Intervention of Internet Addiction[J]. Henan Medical Research, 2009, 18(4): 372-374. First author
7.Talking about the disaster nursing ability that nursing staff should have in combination with Wenchuan earthquake[J]. Chinese Journal of Practical Nervous Diseases, 2009, 12(8): 37-39. First author
8.Relationship between health function and family care in hospitalized patients with coronary heart disease[J]. China Public Health, 2011, 27(8): 1023-1025. 
9.Current status of family function in patients with coronary heart disease and its influencing factors[J]. Journal of Nursing of Chinese People's Liberation Army, 2012, 29(13): 27-29. First author
10.Effect of cardiac function on the health function of patients with coronary heart disease. Henan Medical Research, 2013 (1), 103-106. First author
11.Qualitative study of nursing needs of patients with coronary heart disease [J]. International Journal of Nursing, 2013 (4): 719-720. First author
12.Application and Effect of Case Teaching Method in Geriatric Nursing Teaching[J]. Nursing Research, 2014, 19: 58. First author      
13.Construction and Practice of the Excellent Course of "Geriatric Nursing"[J].Journal of Qilu Nursing, 2014, 20(6): 118-119. First author
14.Research progress on general self-efficacy of nurses[J]. Nursing Practice and Research, 2013, 10(2): 134-135.Corresponding Author
15.Application Advantages and Limitations of Simulated Teaching in Nursing Teaching[J]. Nursing Practice and Research,2013, 10(23): 92-94.Corresponding Author
16.Analysis of the status quo and influencing factors of self-learning ability of clinical practice nursing students [J].Journal of Qilu Nursing, 2015,223):26-27Corresponding Author
17. Evaluation of clinical internship environment by different academic qualifications and nursing students, nursing research20163027):3431-3432First author
18. Analysis of the status quo and influencing factors of the social support of officers and soldiers on an island in Sansha City, the Journal of Preventive Medicine of the People's Liberation Army,2018361):132-134Corresponding Author
19. 2013.01, Deputy Editor-in-Chief "National Intermediate Health Professional and Technical Qualification Unified Examination Counseling Book - 2013 Nursing Science (Teacher) Pre-testing Volume"    People's Military Medical Publishing House
20. 2013.06, Participated in the "Cultural Nursing Key Training Materials" People's Military Medical Publishing House
 21. 2013.06, Participated in the "Medical Development Examination" Fourth Military Medical University Press

Research program:

National Institute of Advanced Medical Education, Nursing Education Branch, Education Science Fund, Master of Nursing Master's Degree, Clinical Instructor Management System, 2016.01-2018.12, ten thousand yuan, under research, host
Lanzhou University-level education reform project, the application of action research based on flipping classroom in the teaching of nursing ethics, 2018.06-2019.06, thirty thousand yuan, under research, host
2012.09,The thirteenth batch of excellent teachers in the Fourth Military Medical University
2013.09, The Fourth Military Medical University School of Nursing is the most loved teacher of the students
2014.06,The third prize of the first National Nursing Young Teachers Teaching Basic Skills Competition
2017.11, First prize of the second lecture competition of Lanzhou University School of Nursing
2018.01, Third Prize of Lanzhou University Lecture Competition.
2017.06, Second Prize of Lectures of Lanzhou University Medical School
Social work:
Member of the Human Care Committee of China Life Care Association

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