Bu Xiaoli

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NameBu Xiaoli


DepartmentCommunity Nursing Department

Research FieldsGeriatric Care

Office phone


Education experience

2011/9-2014/6  Lanzhou University,Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Master’s degree.

1999/9-2001/6  College of nursing, Sichuan University, Nursing, Bachelor degree.

1994/9-1998/6  Lanzhou Medical College,Clinical Medicine. Associate degree.

Work experience

2016/6-present  School of Nursing,Lanzhou University,Nursing teaching.

2002/10-2016/6  School of Basic Medical Science, Lanzhou University.  Nursing teaching.

1995/11-2002/10  Cardiac Surgery ICU in the First Hospital of Lanzhou University. Clinical nursing practice and nursing teaching.


She mainly teaches undergraduate nursing courses such as Community Nursing, Clinical Nutrition, Basic Nursing, End-of-Life Nursing, and Introduction to Nursing.

Published papers and monographs

1.Wei Xia,Bu Xiaoli,Zhao Li. Survey of chickenpox epidemic situation in Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, 2005-2014.  Bulletin of Disease Control and Prevention, 2015,5:72-74.

2. Bu Xiaoli,Zhang Yinhong,Zhang Xueying,Wang Yu. Evaluation of Dietary and Nutritional Status of Preschool Children of Different Ethnic Groups in Gansu Province. Chinese Journal of School Health2014,35(5):738-740.

3. Bu Xiaoli,Liu Huiying. Health education for patients with heart valve replacement using nursing procedures.Health Vocational Education2004,22(12):121-122.

4. Bu Xiaoli, deputy editor. “Basic care operation technology”,LanZhou University Press2017.5

5. Bu Xiaoli, editor. “Community Nursing, Third Edition”People's Medical Publishing House2018.7

Research program

1. Gansu Science and Technology Plan Project.17CX1ZA040.Research on the Innovation of Pension System under the Reform of Supply Side.Soft science special project. 2017/06-2018/10.Participation (ranked 2nd).

2. National Teaching Resource Library 2015 Construction Project.20151205.Ministry of Education, Vocational Education, Old Age Service and Management, Teaching Resource Database, Construction of "Elderly Service Etiquette and Communication Skills". 2015/05-2016/10.Participation.

3. LanZhou University 2017 Teaching Research Project. 2017255. The application of formative evaluation in the course of nursing specialty——Taking the course of “hospice nursing” as an example. 2017/07-2018/07.Hosted.

4. LanZhou University 2017 Teaching Research Project.2017253.Applied Research on the Integrated Basic Teaching Model in the Course of Basic Nursing (Taking Nutrient and Excretion Nursing as an Example).Participation.

5. LanZhou University 2017 Teaching Research Project.2017027.Research on the training model of aged nursing talents under the background of aging.2017/06-2018/07. Participation.

6. LanZhou University 2017 Teaching Research Project.2017254.PBL Teaching Method Applied in Nurse Humanities Training Course——Taking Interpersonal Relationship and Nurse-Patient Communication as an Example.2017/10-2017/12.Participation.


1.In 2013.Excellent Training Teacher for Vocational Skills Appraisal Training in Civil Affairs Industry.

2. In 2017.LanZhou University Summer Social Practice Excellent Instructor.


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