Loretta Yuet- Foon CHUNG

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Name: Loretta Yuet- Foon CHUNG

Title: associate professor


Research Fields:

Office phone:


Education experience:

1999Ph.D. in Nursing Philosophy, Deakin University, Australia

1993Master of Nursing Education, Deakin University, Australia

1990 Bachelor ofHealth Science, Charles Det University, Australia

1989 Higher Diploma in Nursing Education, Hong Kong Polytechnic

Work experience

2012-2017 Foreign Teacher of  Lanzhou University 

2011 External Experts of  Gansu Provincial People's Hospital 

2010 Foreign Teacher ofNorthwest Minzu University

2001-2007 Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, HongKong Polytechnic University

2001 Lecturer, School of Nursing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

1997-2001 Academic Fellow, School of Nursing, Monash University, Australia 1993-1997 Instructor, School of Nursing, Monash University, Australia

1993-1995 Researcher, Monash University, Australia

1994-1997 Registered Nurse of  Australian (part-time)

1991-1993 Lecturer of the Hong Kong Polytechnic (predecessor of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

1989-1991 Teacher of the Nurse School of Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong, 1980-1987 Nurse of the Department ofThoracic and Pulmonary Medicine, Cardiac Pediatrics and Intensive Care Unit, Grantham Hospital, Hong Kong

1979-1980 Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, UK, 1978-1979 Midwife student, Caritas Hospital, Hong Kong

1976-1978 nurse of chest, chest Surgical and Intensive care unit, Grantham Hospital,  Hong Kong


Education Project Lecture:

2005: Hong Kong Nurse Training and Education Foundation,Continuing Education Learning Seminar of the First Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University

2005: Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Nursing, Guangzhou Southern University, and a specialist nurse co-organized with the Health Department of Guangdong Health Department

Specialist nurse course:

2004: Hong Kong Nurse Training and Education Foundation, School of Nursing, Shanxi Medical University, Institute of Continuing Education, Shanxi Medical University First Clinical Medical College

2003: The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College, the Clinical Nursing Faculty Improvement Section of the China Association of Chinese Nursing Association Guangzhou Branch

2003: Sustainability Education Study Seminar, Department of Psychology, Zhongshan University, Guangzhou

Published papers and monographs:

Academic journal published articles:

1.Wang Xintian, Li Zhimin, Chung, Y. F. L. Effects of Venous Remaining Needle Sealing with Heparin vs. Saline in China:A Meta-Analysis[J]. Chinese Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine, 201l, 1l(1): 96-100.
2.Han, L., Li, J. P., Sit, J. W. H., Chung, L., Jiao, Z. Y. and Ma, W. G. (2010). Effects of music intervention on physiological stress response and anxiety level of mechanically ventilated patients in China: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 19, 978–987.
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Academic conference publication
1. Chung, LYF; Wong, FKY; Chang, KKP; Chan, MF, & Chow, S (2005). “Chronic illness patients’ personal health practice and health care utilization pattern during the SARS period in Hong Kong” Paper presentation in the 3rd Pan-Pacific nursing conference & The 5th Hong Kong nursing symposium on cancer care by The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  10-12 November 2005
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Research program

2011: Study of potential risk factors for drug error occurrence and reporting

2007: Total patient care for stroke patients

2006-2007: Perinatal bereavement care

 2005: Follow-up care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: experimental randomized control Research (Fundamental Research Funding Project, Researcher)

2004: Application of Art in Teaching and Learning: Case Study (Fundamental Research Funding Project, Principal Investigator)

2004: Music Therapy - A Mechanical Ventilation Interventions for Patient Anxiety: Experimental Randomized Control Study (Fundamental Research Funding Program, Principal Investigator)

2003: Exploring the Personal Significance of SARS: Case Study (Fundamental Research Funding Project, Principal Investigator) The application of problem-based learning methods in clinical teaching (teaching development research funding project, researcher) to explore the phenomenon of re-hospitalization: social analysis research (2002 research grants CERG researchers) enlightenment students before registration Practice: the learning experience and effect (Learning and Teaching Foundation, principal investigator)

2001: with the right spiritual qualities of nurses able to provide a wider range of spiritual care to patients do? - Enlightenment for curriculum design (Learning and Teaching Funding Project, Researcher)

1997-2001: Improving the effectiveness of shadowboxing in preventing falls


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