Hu Junping

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Hu Junping, female, Han nationality, bachelor’s degree, associate professor, associate chief nurse, was born in 1964.

She graduated from Northwest Minzu University in 1990. And she is currently the associate dean of Reproductive Medicine Special hospital of the First Hospital of Lanzhou University.

Associate professor Hu Junping devoted herself to nursing undertaking more than thirty years. She is mainly focusing on nursing research in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology, reproductive endocrinology, and male science. And she strives to promote the development of relevant interdisciplinary. She also hosts or participates in a number of topics. The research on the role of "Experimental study of human endometrium in vitro on the effect of Chinese medicine capsules on endometrial growth", "Application of music therapy in assisted reproductive technology", "Influence of plasticizer on male infertility patients and health care education" has taken outstanding achievements, and some of the results have been signed by the Science and Technology Department of Gansu Province, reaching the domestic leading level. At present, 5 papers have been published and 3 patents have been patented. In addition, she has traveled to Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan and many other places to participate in training related to obstetrics and gynecology nursing and reproductive medicine nursing. In 2012, she was awarded the title of “Gansu Women’s “Two Cancers” Inspection Work Advanced Individual” by the Gansu Provincial Women’s Federation. In 2013, she was awarded the honorary title of National Rural Women’s “two Cancer” Free Inspection Work Advanced Individual” by the All-China Women’s Federation.

Associate Professor Hu Junping is currently the deputy secretary-general of the Gansu Provincial Women and Children Association, the standing committee member of the Gansu Provincial Medical Association Reproductive Medicine Committee, and the member of the expert group of the Gansu Provincial Reproductive Medicine Professional Medical Quality Control Center.

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