Zhang Zhigang

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Zhang Zhigang,male,Han nationality,born in December 1979,graduated from Shanxi Changzhi Medical College with a bachelor's degree in nursing in 2004,and received a master's degree in surgery from Lanzhou University in 2014,Deputy chief nurse.

In recent years,Comrade Zhang Zhigang has devoted himself to blood purification,respiratory therapy,clinical nursing and nursing research work in Intensive Care Unit.In 2011,he set up the first respiratory therapy team in the northwest to fill the blank of respiratory therapy in the northwest of China.In academic research,in recent years,he has published 6 papers in CSCD journals such as Chinese Journal of Nursing, Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army,Chinese Critical Care Medicine. He has published more than 20 papers in CSTPCD journals such as Journal of Nursing Science,Chinese Journal of Practical Nursing,Chinese Journal of Modern Nursing, Journal of Nurses Training,Nursing Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army, Chinese Journal of Postgraduates of Medicine,International Journal of Respiration,Chinese Journal of General Practice,Clinical Medicine of China.As the first editor-in-chief,he wrote the“Intensive Care Practical Skills Operation Manual”, which was published by Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Press in 2013.His research project“Research and Nursing of Heparin-Free Anticoagulant Therapy for CRRT High-risk Bleeding Patients” won the third prize of the first Li Xiufang Nursing Science and Technology Award in Gansu Province in 2011.His research“Clinical research on early high-frequency oscillatory ventilation in the treatment of patients with severe ARDS” won the second prize of the second Li Xiufang Nursing Technology in Gansu Province in 2013.His research“The mechanism of continuous hemofiltration on respiratory failure in critically ill patients with H1N1 flu”won the second prize of the 2014 Lanzhou Science and Technology Progress Award. As the first inventor, he completed 18 national utility model patents and 4 invention patents.

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