Yang Xuemei

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Yang Xuemei,female,Han nationality,born in March 1974,Bachelor degree, graduated from Lanzhou University,chief nurse,associate professor,nursing master's tutor.From 2004 to 2008,she was the head nurse of the ward. Since 2009,she has served as the director of nursing department of Lanzhou University Second Hospital,the director of nursing teaching and research department of the Second Clinical Medical College of Lanzhou University,the deputy director of nursing clinical skills training center and the deputy director of medical humanities research department of Lanzhou University Second Hospital.Her main social part-time job is the vice chairman of the Gansu Provincial Nursing Society,the vice director of Gansu Nursing Quality Control Center,the vice chairman of Gansu Family Nursing Association,the vice chairman of Gansu Society of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine,the chairman of Gansu Outpatient Nursing Committee,member of Nursing committee of China Science and Technology Industry Association,the member of the Urogenital committee of China Science and Technology Industry Association,the member of Medical Cleaning Equipment Engineering Branch of Cnina Association of Medical Equipment.She is also the deputy director of the Third Military Corps Committee of the Reserve Artillery Division of Gansu Province.She is a member of the editorial board of China Nursing Management,a member of the editorial board of Journal of Nursing Science,and a member of the editorial board of Chinese Journal of Modern Nursing.

Director Yang Xuemei has been engaged in nursing work for 23 years,nursing management and teaching work for 12 years,and has rich experience in clinical nursing,management and teaching.She obtained 2 research projects in the health industry in Gansu Province,2 teaching research projects in Lanzhou University,and 1 project funded by the main teaching team of Lanzhou University.She obtained 2 national utility model patents as the first  inventor and applied for 1 invention patent. She published 30 nursing papers,4 CSCDs, and 1 SIC article as the correspondence author and the first author: Effect of lollipop sucking on the recovery of gastrointestinal function in children after congenital choledochal cystexcision on:A randomized controlled trial. International journal of nursing sciences. She published 10 academic books on nursing and served as the editorial board of “Medical nursing in National county-level hospitals”which is published by People's Medical Publishing House.

She won the second prize for scientific and technological progress in the health industry in Gansu Province. She received the“May 4th Youth Medal” nomination for Gansu Province in 2013,“My Favorite Health Guardian”in Gansu Province in 2013,Excellent Guidance Teacher of Gansu Province Skills Competition in 2015,Excellent Class Teacher of Lanzhou University in 2015,excellent communist of Lanzhou University in 2011.In 2007,she won the second prize of“Professional Youth Care Job Skills Competition in the Health Industry of the Province”,and was awarded the title of“Gansu Province Youth Position Expert”,the hospital“Excellent Female Worker”title,“the excellent individual who resists against Influenza A virus”title,She was awarded the title of the Top Ten Outstanding Youth of the Second District of Chengguan District,and was honored as an outstanding management worker.In 2013, she was awarded an advanced individual in the earthquake relief work of the Gansu Provincial Reserve Artillery Division.

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