Dou Xinman

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Dou Xinman, female, born in July 1979,doctor, associate professor, deputy director of nursing, master's tutor. She is currently the director of nursing department and director of nursing teaching and research section of Lanzhou University Second Hospital, the director of Gansu Nursing Association, the director of Gansu Family Nursing Association, the director of Gansu Health Management Research Association,  the member of Chinese Nutrition Society and Chinese Psychological Society, the member of the nursing group of the professional committee of fast track surgery of Chinese Research Hospital Association, the member of National Evidence-Based Nursing Development Alliance of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, the director of China Floating Therapy Branch, the editorial board member of Surgical Nursing in National County-Level Hospitals published by People's Medical Publishing House.

Her main research areas are nursing management and surgical nursing. She obtained her postgraduate degree from Huaxi College of nursing, Sichuan University. She once participated in clinical practice at West China Hospital of Sichuan University,  and what she researched involved nursing and psychological intervention during perioperative and rehabilitative period of liver transplant patients. During the doctoral period,the research focused on the occurrence mechanism, prevention and nursing of catheter-related infections. In the aspect of nursing management, it is mainly devoted to the exploration and research of nursing management mode and path based on evidence-based nursing. As a member of National Evidence-Based Nursing Development Alliance of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and a member of the BPSO Alliance in Canada, she takes the lead in evidence-based nursing research in Northwest China.

In the past five years, she published two SCI papers, three CSCD papers and more than ten papers in core journals as a Corresponding author and the first author. She obtained two national utility model patents as the first inventor. She leaded or acted as a mentor to complete 7 projects of various levels. She compiled “Clinical Nursing” and “New Practical Paediatric Nursing Exercises Collection” as a editor-in-chief, and participatea in editing of “Pediatric Nursing” as the 13th Five-Year Plan textbook of the National Association for the Construction of Medical Textbooks for Colleges and Universities of the People's Health Publishing House.

As a senior visiting scholar, she visited Oklahoma, USA, and received the honor of “Excellent Leader”. She also went to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and J?nk?ping University for exchange study.

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