Zhou Wence

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  Zhou Wence, male, born in May 1972, Ph.D., professor, chief physician, master's tutor. He is currently the director of the second general surgery department of The First Hospital Lanzhou University, the leading talent of Gansu Provincial Health Department, the innovative young talents of Longyuan, the vice chairman of the Digestive Endoscopy Committee of Gansu Medical Association, and the vice chairman of Gansu Provincial Trauma Professional Committee, member of the Specialized Committee of Digestive Endoscopy Molecular Imaging of Chinese Research Hospital Association, member of the Pancreatic Disease Professional Society of China Health Care Promotion Association, Director of the General Surgery Branch of Gansu Provincial Medical Association, Member of the Gansu Provincial Anticancer Association Biliary Tumor Professional Committee, deputy director of the Minimally Invasive Surgeon Committee of the General Surgery Branch of the Gansu Medical Association, member of the biliary surgeons committee of the General Surgery Branch of the Gansu Provincial Medical Association, member of the General Surgery Branch of the Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of Gansu Province. editorial board member of Chinese Journal of Digestive Endoscopy, Journal of Cancer Prevention and Research, China Modern Medical Journal and China National Mirror Magazine.

  He has been working in the first line of general surgery, completed the establishment of liver transplant animal (pig, rat) model and related experimental research. As a major participant, he took the lead in the operation of liver transplantation in our province in 2001, and carried out live liver transplantation on the basis of this, filling the gap in the field of transplantation in our province.In 2014, he won the second prize of “Outstanding Contribution to Xinjiang Translational Medicine Youth” due to his outstanding achievements in the field of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery.

  In the diagnosis and treatment of ERCP, he expanded the technology and related clinical research on the diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary and pancreatic diseases by duodenoscopy. Up to now, he has completed more than 6,000 therapeutic ERCP. His clinical application of "ERCP combined with early enteral nutrition for acute severe biliary pancreatitis" was identified as the international advanced level by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and won the third prize of Gansu Provincial Science Progress, the second prize of Gansu Province Medical and Health Science and Technology Progress Award in 2013.

  He has presided and participated in more than 10 scientific research projects, won four second prizes and three third prizes at the provincial and ministerial level, won two first prizes, six second prizes and six third prizes at the city hall level. He has published 4 monographs and more than 30 SCI and national academic papers.


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