Nursing school leaders visit students in practice bases

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  In order to further improve the education and management of nursing interns and strengthen the communication and cooperation with the practice teaching hospital, on the afternoon of August 2, Li Xingbo, vice-president of the nursing college, Xu Jie, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch and other four people went to the First Hospital of Lanzhou University to visit the undergraduate students of Grade 2015 in order to understand the practice situation.

  Li Xingbo and Xu Jei successively exchanged ideas with the head nurses and teachers of the students' internship department, and learned about the internship progress and internship effects of the students.They expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their careful guidance during the student internship process, and fully affirmed the work ability and comprehensive quality of the intern students in our school.

  In the conversation with the intern students, Li Xingbo hopes that the students will continue to maintain a good work and learning attitude, cherish the internship opportunities, take the initiative to learn, consolidate knowledge and improve their comprehensive ability in practice. Xu Jie stressed that students must do a good job of self-protection, consult with the teacher, strictly abide by the operating procedures, constantly improve and enrich themselves, learn the true skills in a limited internship period, and practice the real skills.

  By visiting the internship hospital, the relationship between the college and the internship hospital can be further strengthened, the internship quality of the intern can be better improved, and good clinical internship conditions can be created. At the same time, visiting intern students can enable them to get the care and attention of the college during the internship, enhance their self-learning, self-management, self-service ability, and lay a good foundation for a successful internship and become an excellent nursing talent.