School of Nursing holds the third teacher's lecture competition

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  In order to continuously improve the teaching level of teachers, on May 7, the School of Nursing held the third teacher’s lecture competition in the 101 lecture hall. The competition invited Professor Yan Shiqiang from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Associate Professor Deng Hong from the Teacher Development Center and 9 student representatives from the College to serve as judges. A total of 14 people participated in the competition, they were from the School of Nursing, the First Hospital of Lanzhou University, and the Second Hospital of Lanzhou University. After fierce competition, Zhang Hongchen won the first prize, Ma Peifen and Wu Guangli won the second prize, Yang Purui, Tang Nan and Xu Juan won the third prize.

  During the competition, each participant gave a 15-minute lecture. The judges commented on teaching design, language expression and so on. Professor Deng Hong affirmed the professionalism and dedication of the participating teachers. She believed that teachers should grasp the key points and difficulties of teaching and coordinate the allocation of content and time. Professor Yan Shiqiang pointed out that teachers should be familiar with the teaching content, understand the student's knowledge background, and rationally design the curriculum around the key points and difficulties of knowledge. At the same time, she encourages young teachers to broaden the knowledge field.

  Vice President Li Xingbo expressed his gratitude to the experts for their meticulous comments in the summary. He hoped that the participating teachers could sum up the experience and integrate the harvest into the daily teaching work, and be a good teacher that the students like.